My great grandmother just died and I don’t feel a thing. Am I a horrible person? Ugh what am I doing with my emotions. Ugh.


Interests and Ticks

I get it, it’s all a joke to you, it’s all a conversation topic. Just something to joke about for 5 minutes before something else interests you. But for me, it’s not that. It’s one of the only things I really care about. You joke about it, diss it, all without ever watching it, experiencing it. You base your opinions on the opinions of others and this makes you less of a person. Take the one thing that you care about the most, and now think about how it feels when someone makes false claims about it, disses it, shuns it. How do you feel? Mad? Yes. Wanting to correct them and make them understand? Yes. But if you try, they just make you apart of the joke and purposefully try to make you tick. This happens to me whenever I try to talk about the things I love, I enjoy. I hold myself back, and I lose places to express myself. It all just makes me tick, makes me mad. There is nothing that can be done about. Except, just maybe, JUST MAYBE, if everyone made an effort to understand and accept someone else’s interests for more than two seconds then maybe it would be better, maybe. As it is though, it’s all just selfish instant gratitude and hive minds. They make the same jokes and the same insults as everyone else and it just has no end. Think about this the next time you joke about someone else’s interests, eh?

Computer Confessions

My computer is bad. I know it, my family knows it, my friends know it. There’s nothing I  can do about it. When my friends get me to show them menus when I tell them I can’t run a game, they find out how much my computer sucks. They tell me to get a new one, or better yet build my own. The problem with both of these is money. I do not have the money to upgrade my computer. I will forever be stuck in the land of DX10 never advancing to the new tech of awesome games. They say building my own could be cheaper, I tell them not for me it isn’t because I also have to calculate for all the parts I destroy in the process. I am not skilled in this sort of thing. I may be later, but I am not now. I have a horrible computer and this is my confession.

Friend Groups

I have had 3 definitive groups of friends online in my time on the internet. Two of which were started through Minecraft. The first one was when I was the first person on a new survival server, and got to know the mods and eventually become one. The screen-names I remember were bobnone and Soccersith. We had fun together until the server eventually shut down and I lost contact with them. My second friend group is one I’m still participating in, but I feel like I am growing further and further from it. We met through another Minecraft server where I had been playing on for awhile. Someone named Cutsiebear38 asked me to help make some fireworks, and I did. I eventually moved to their Minecraft town named Lapitonia and played with them. They were bobbyjoe102, cutsiebear38, aidybear38, DMeade, mbayturk, TheAfroOfDoom, DeltaDragon222, and some others that joined later on. We talked on skype, and eventually the friend group grew to about 20 strong and I lost focus with them. My current friend group I met through Coestar’s twitch chat. We were all regulars there and they asked me to join their mumble. I did, and grew to befriend all of them. It was me, Ereiter, Evverette, Emerlyn, Hayden, and Inverted. There is another that I know as Tim, but I haven’t gotten to know him personally. I would get on the mumble everyday and talk with my small group of friends, but eventually more and more people joined. What I have discovered about myself is that I don’t operate well with large groups of friends. I lose the personal touch with them, and just don’t feel like talking. All of my friend group friends I still consider my friends, I just can’t handle large groups like that because I lose information because more conversations are going on, and I lose the personalities because there are so many to keep track of. I don’t like that I do this, but it just happens. If any of you are reading this, I still want to be all of your friends, but it is hard. It makes me feel I have to choose who I get close to, and who I leave out and I don’t want to do that.

Twitchy Thoughts

I’m a regular user of Twitch, and I’m sure a lot of other people are as well. I am in a chat, watching a stream every night at 11 to around 2 in the morn’. Twitch chats, without bots, get real crazy, real fast. In the channel I frequent, they use a bot called CoeBot, and it has this cool auto reply feature built in. One day, when I was playing with it, I had a wonderful idea for a couple bots. The basic concept was that they would battle using auto-replies and RNG. Say, one initiating a fight by saying “Come to, weakling, and fight me like a bot!” The second bot would take notice of the word “fight” being used, and then choose a random response from a list of appropriate responses using a RNG. It would continue like this until one RNGd a “killing” move with a timeout or something or another that shuts the other bot up. I don’t know if this is allowed on twitch, but I am pretty certain what I’m describing is possible to accomplish, if not on Twitch. Well, there’s the concept, do what you will with it.


Welcome to the land of Atura. This is a land of adventure, mischief, bandits, monsters, demons, Kingdoms, guilds, poverty, wealth, and a great many other things that would extend the previous list a great bit. Atura is a giant landmass, bordered on the north with great glaciers, on the south with impassable mountains, on the west with a Great River, so great that it is often mistaken for an ocean or sea. It is a river because it is flowing north. The other side of this Great River is as of yet unknown due to the current floating any contenders northward to smash against the glaciers. No one who has tried to cross it has succeeded. In the east lay a great wall, guarded by a oppressive king, guarding whatever lay beyond. This is Atura. This is your world.


Ever notice in modern day fps games when you go idle, the guy always does something? And the weirdest thing he does is stare at his hands. He’ll be fine, just standing there, then suddenly take up  hand palm up and look at it. It’s like he’s thinking, oh my god. I have hands. I don’t know what to think. I have hands. I must be a god. What are they used for. Why are they so clean. Help me with my hands. It’s like they are catching up from the days of mario when their hands where 1 pixel cubes that occasionally moved when you jumped. Or maybe they are trying to tell us something? Like, with sign language or something. Anyway, it’s a weird thing, so I did a thing, and stuff happened.

Name Brand

I hate how most sweatshirts out there have obnoxious logos on them. It basically turns you into walking advertisement. I can’t go 20 feet on a busy day without seeing a logo on someone’s clothing. Most of my sweatshirts a completely blank of logos, but I wish there was a greater source of stuff like it. I don’t want to be walking advertisement, and I don’t want to see it everywhere I go. Most of these sweaters are bad quality too because they make you associate certain name-brand clothing with popularity and good quality, when in reality they are bad and people just buy them for the logo. I’m done, I just needed to get this out there.


As I am back in school, my posting has become a bit hectic. From now on, I will post whenever I feel like it, and I have an idea to post. You may need a Venn diagram to figure out when that is. (And I promise to hit publish and not save as draft next time)

Minecraft Chain World


I am a long time minecraft player. I have had my premium account for over 2 years and it is one of my greatest possessions. Recently, I have been reading up on something called Chain World. It was an idea back in 2011 that someone has a flash drive, with a altered minecraft premium account running off of it. You got this flash drive, played until you died, then passed it on. It was made, and is either lost, or still on the fourth “Priest” as they call it, and it has not been heard of in over 6 months. People have made plugins based on this. One of them is where you pass a ‘token’ on which allows you access to a server that only allows one person on at a time, and once you die, you are banned. Seeing this, I really want to try it. I have looked around, but haven’t seen anything updated in over 6 months. I was wondering if someone out there could restart this, or better yet, make the server idea. Keeping the request on your mind, goodbye.