I was looking at my feet today, and thought about my toes. We have them for a reason right? To give us little, fully controllable grips to dig into the ground when we please. Fully automatic balance systems? We have these wonderful little things, and we never use them. We always have them covered up with shoes. They say shoes are to protect your feet, but now a days, shoes are not so good as they used to be. Before, ever single shoe was custom made for your foot. They were made with real materials and not this plastic stuff we have today. Yea, they are cheaper to make with the plastic stuff, and the old ones were kinda uncomfortable, but why not take some of todays technology, with the cheap custom shoe makes of the past, and make something awesome. I don’t like uniformity. When I walk around somewhere, I don’t squeal with delight whenever I see someone with the same shoes as me. I groan. I’m like “Huh.. want to play that way now do ya’?” and I walk away and change my shoes. Repeat. I want my own shoes. I don’t want something that half a billion other people own as well.