I know that people always tell you that you need to get a lot of sleep to keep your body rested, your mind fresh, and other stuff. I for some reason do not get negative effects of these symptoms when I go to bed at 1 in the morning. I wake up, feel like i should be dead, but after about 10 minutes, I’m fine, as if I got 12 hours of sleep instead of 5. So I have come to the conclusion that scientists are tricking us, and making themselves look smarter by getting more work done by not sleeping, and then appearing as if they were able to get solutions faster. I am probably getting more done than a lot of people with my 5 hours of sleep sleep schedule, and that’s saying something as I do not get things done. I start them, and then put them aside to start something else. If I seem a bit non coherent right now it is because I am working off of 5 hours of sleep. Good.. whatever to you…. its. It is 1 AM and I probably should go to bed.