Have you ever though about the words ‘Moist’ or ‘Damp’? I have. I have a lot. I am always thinking about which one is wetter. So, I finally looked up which is wetter. Before I tell you what I found, I’m going to tell you what I though before I researched it. I always thought they were about the same in wetness, but that one was on the surface, and the other was soaked in. I thought about damp, and immediately went to my clothes after an unsuccessful Dryer session. Hot, Wet, Uncomfortable. The water was soaked in. Then I thought about moist, and went to the memories of Dishes not completely dry, with a few drops still stuck on the side, or a glass of lemonade on a hot day, and the condensation collecting on the side. Then I go to my own dictionary, and then an online one. They each had a similar small description, then a colon and the other word. They had moist describing damp, and damp describing moist. This confuses and angers me a bit. Fix it Webster. Please.