I am a long time minecraft player. I have had my premium account for over 2 years and it is one of my greatest possessions. Recently, I have been reading up on something called Chain World. It was an idea back in 2011 that someone has a flash drive, with a altered minecraft premium account running off of it. You got this flash drive, played until you died, then passed it on. It was made, and is either lost, or still on the fourth “Priest” as they call it, and it has not been heard of in over 6 months. People have made plugins based on this. One of them is where you pass a ‘token’ on which allows you access to a server that only allows one person on at a time, and once you die, you are banned. Seeing this, I really want to try it. I have looked around, but haven’t seen anything updated in over 6 months. I was wondering if someone out there could restart this, or better yet, make the server idea. Keeping the request on your mind, goodbye.