I’m a regular user of Twitch, and I’m sure a lot of other people are as well. I am in a chat, watching a stream every night at 11 to around 2 in the morn’. Twitch chats, without bots, get real crazy, real fast. In the channel I frequent, they use a bot called CoeBot, and it has this cool auto reply feature built in. One day, when I was playing with it, I had a wonderful idea for a couple bots. The basic concept was that they would battle using auto-replies and RNG. Say, one initiating a fight by saying “Come to, weakling, and fight me like a bot!” The second bot would take notice of the word “fight” being used, and then choose a random response from a list of appropriate responses using a RNG. It would continue like this until one RNGd a “killing” move with a timeout or something or another that shuts the other bot up. I don’t know if this is allowed on twitch, but I am pretty certain what I’m describing is possible to accomplish, if not on Twitch. Well, there’s the concept, do what you will with it.