I have had 3 definitive groups of friends online in my time on the internet. Two of which were started through Minecraft. The first one was when I was the first person on a new survival server, and got to know the mods and eventually become one. The screen-names I remember were bobnone and Soccersith. We had fun together until the server eventually shut down and I lost contact with them. My second friend group is one I’m still participating in, but I feel like I am growing further and further from it. We met through another Minecraft server where I had been playing on for awhile. Someone named Cutsiebear38 asked me to help make some fireworks, and I did. I eventually moved to their Minecraft town named Lapitonia and played with them. They were bobbyjoe102, cutsiebear38, aidybear38, DMeade, mbayturk, TheAfroOfDoom, DeltaDragon222, and some others that joined later on. We talked on skype, and eventually the friend group grew to about 20 strong and I lost focus with them. My current friend group I met through Coestar’s twitch chat. We were all regulars there and they asked me to join their mumble. I did, and grew to befriend all of them. It was me, Ereiter, Evverette, Emerlyn, Hayden, and Inverted. There is another that I know as Tim, but I haven’t gotten to know him personally. I would get on the mumble everyday and talk with my small group of friends, but eventually more and more people joined. What I have discovered about myself is that I don’t operate well with large groups of friends. I lose the personal touch with them, and just don’t feel like talking. All of my friend group friends I still consider my friends, I just can’t handle large groups like that because I lose information because more conversations are going on, and I lose the personalities because there are so many to keep track of. I don’t like that I do this, but it just happens. If any of you are reading this, I still want to be all of your friends, but it is hard. It makes me feel I have to choose who I get close to, and who I leave out and I don’t want to do that.