I get it, it’s all a joke to you, it’s all a conversation topic. Just something to joke about for 5 minutes before something else interests you. But for me, it’s not that. It’s one of the only things I really care about. You joke about it, diss it, all without ever watching it, experiencing it. You base your opinions on the opinions of others and this makes you less of a person. Take the one thing that you care about the most, and now think about how it feels when someone makes false claims about it, disses it, shuns it. How do you feel? Mad? Yes. Wanting to correct them and make them understand? Yes. But if you try, they just make you apart of the joke and purposefully try to make you tick. This happens to me whenever I try to talk about the things I love, I enjoy. I hold myself back, and I lose places to express myself. It all just makes me tick, makes me mad. There is nothing that can be done about. Except, just maybe, JUST MAYBE, if everyone made an effort to understand and accept someone else’s interests for more than two seconds then maybe it would be better, maybe. As it is though, it’s all just selfish instant gratitude and hive minds. They make the same jokes and the same insults as everyone else and it just has no end. Think about this the next time you joke about someone else’s interests, eh?