Why do wikis hate me? I make a semi good looking wiki page on a mythological creature, and it always gets deleted by someone before it has been out for more than a couple hours. I even tried a comedic writing wiki, that had a article on Cornography Addictions, and they still deleted it…. I’m ready to give up.


Moist vs. Damp

Have you ever though about the words ‘Moist’ or ‘Damp’? I have. I have a lot. I am always thinking about which one is wetter. So, I finally looked up which is wetter. Before I tell you what I found, I’m going to tell you what I though before I researched it. I always thought they were about the same in wetness, but that one was on the surface, and the other was soaked in. I thought about damp, and immediately went to my clothes after an unsuccessful Dryer session. Hot, Wet, Uncomfortable. The water was soaked in. Then I thought about moist, and went to the memories of Dishes not completely dry, with a few drops still stuck on the side, or a glass of lemonade on a hot day, and the condensation collecting on the side. Then I go to my own dictionary, and then an online one. They each had a similar small description, then a colon¬†and the other word.¬†They had moist describing damp, and damp describing moist. This confuses and angers me a bit. Fix it Webster. Please.


I know that people always tell you that you need to get a lot of sleep to keep your body rested, your mind fresh, and other stuff. I for some reason do not get negative effects of these symptoms when I go to bed at 1 in the morning. I wake up, feel like i should be dead, but after about 10 minutes, I’m fine, as if I got 12 hours of sleep instead of 5. So I have come to the conclusion that scientists are tricking us, and making themselves look smarter by getting more work done by not sleeping, and then appearing as if they were able to get solutions faster. I am probably getting more done than a lot of people with my 5 hours of sleep sleep schedule, and that’s saying something as I do not get things done. I start them, and then put them aside to start something else. If I seem a bit non coherent right now it is because I am working off of 5 hours of sleep. Good.. whatever to you…. its. It is 1 AM and I probably should go to bed.


I was looking at my feet today, and thought about my toes. We have them for a reason right? To give us little, fully controllable grips to dig into the ground when we please. Fully automatic balance systems? We have these wonderful little things, and we never use them. We always have them covered up with shoes. They say shoes are to protect your feet, but now a days, shoes are not so good as they used to be. Before, ever single shoe was custom made for your foot. They were made with real materials and not this plastic stuff we have today. Yea, they are cheaper to make with the plastic stuff, and the old ones were kinda uncomfortable, but why not take some of todays technology, with the cheap custom shoe makes of the past, and make something awesome. I don’t like uniformity. When I walk around somewhere, I don’t squeal with delight whenever I see someone with the same shoes as me. I groan. I’m like “Huh.. want to play that way now do ya’?” and I walk away and change my shoes. Repeat. I want my own shoes. I don’t want something that half a billion other people own as well.

I am me.

Hello. You may be wondering what sort of hellish place you have stumbled upon here when you accidentally clicked that link. Well, I’ll try to explain. See, this is my brain. Unorganized, random, but brilliant(if I do say so myself). If I could copy/paste my brain onto here once a week, you would discover this…. thing. This mass of dark colors, quirky attitudes, and misquoted movie lines. I will not change for you. This is me. I am me. I like the way I am, and some of you may like me this way too. Words to get One Hundred.